What Do Your Prospects Care About?

When creating or updating your marketing collateral, it's important to ask one key question:

What do your prospects care about when making a purchasing decision about your product or services?


The answers to this question, and there could be many, will help you create the most strategic, effective marketing collateral for your business. Only by responding to your target prospects' needs, concerns and questions will your marketing collateral be able to deliver results.


One great way to address the wide variety of issues that each prospect values most is to create a customizable marketing kit.  A marketing kit consists of a branded two-pocket folder in which you can insert the specific materials that will address each unique prospect's concerns in a compelling way.


Here are some things that your prospects may care about and how to address them in your marketing kit.

You are an Established Business.

Your prospects will want to make sure that you are a credible, real business before they invest in buying your products or services. Your marketing collateral can convey this legitimacy with a professional corporate backgrounder or  capabilities brochure that describes your history, articulates your unique differentiators, and provides a general overview of your products and services and industries served. It's also helpful to introduce the key players of your team, either through a one-sheet that offers brief bios and headshots or individual bio sheets that provide more detailed backgrounds.


You Have Expertise in Your Field.

Your marketing kit is a great place to highlight your company's experience and expertise. Including professional reprints of articles you've published or thought leadership pieces you've produced (resources, education, tips, etc.) will show that you are not only selling a product or service - you are also committed to providing value at every stage of the client relationship.


You Have Achieved Success With Companies Like Them.

Sometimes you are not the best person to tell - or sell - your story. Your prospects are bound to respond positively to customer stories and testimonials that detail how you helped an individual or business to solve a problem, address a need, or fulfill a vision. This third party credibility from clients is a strong addition to your marketing kit.


Your Product/Service Meets Their Unique Requirements.

Detailed product sheets can communicate the specific, unique aspects of your offerings, while custom service packages that combine separate services can show how you solve particular problems or serve the distinct needs of your prospects. A sheet that lists the industries or types of clients your company has served can assure prospects that you have the experience they are seeking. These materials help to highlight the depth and breadth of your offerings.


Your Credibility Has Been Recognized Within Your Industry, the Press, etc.

An effective marketing kit will include information on relevant certifications and accreditations as well as any awards or recognition you have received from industry peers or the community in general. It will also include copies of press coverage that you or your firm has received. These materials enhance your credibility and will inspire your prospect's confidence.


Presenting Your Marketing Kit

Once you have decided which items you want to include in your marketing kit, it's important to have a professionally branded folder to present them in. The beauty of a two pocket folder is that you can customize each one according to your prospect's unique needs. Your folder should always include your business card and may also include your sales proposal and/or a relevant promotional product.