The Fastest, Easiest Way to Increase Revenue

This month, we're pleased to offer you some valuable, practical insights into the power of marketing to existing customers!!

Market to Existing Customers
to Make More Money

Your existing customers already know you, like you and trust you - at least they do if you have been doing a good job for them! If you're like many business owners, you may assume that since your customers already do business with you, then they will call you when they need something.

But what if your customers are unaware of all the products and services you offer? While it's likely that you spend a lot of time, energy and money to acquire new customers, spending some of these valuable resources to educate and retain current customers could yield the best return on investment (ROI).

Your customers are bombarded constantly with information and marketing messages from a variety of sources. If something is not on the top of their priority list they won’t remember it. This means that you need to hit them with the same information over and over again. Timing is everything, so you want to ensure when your customers are ready to buy, they think of you!

Stay in front of your clients at least quarterly if not monthly. There are many ways to reach out to your customers on an ongoing basis. Here are some ways to keep in touch:
    • Newsletter
      Choose either an email or printed newsletter depending on what is most appropriate for your audience. Today, people assume that email publications are best, but you'd be surprised how many audiences would still rather read a printed newsletter. It is important to know your audience.
    • Direct Mail
      Use an enticing offer that may encourage clients to buy, and include an expiration date that may inspire them to move on a project sooner – this strategy helps to put them on your timeline!
    • Create a Blog
      Share ideas with your customers using this social media. Your blog can offer tips, resources, links, and information that serves your target audience and positions you as an expert. In addition, depending on your business, it could serve as a great customer service tool!
    • Face to Face
      Buy your best customers a cup of coffee or lunch. With today’s technology we see our customers less and less, so a face-to-face meeting can have a great impact. Ask questions about their upcoming plans. Share what's new in your business that may be valuable to them. Ask for a referral.
    • A Promotional Item or Gift
      Do you thank your clients for their business? Send something that is relevant to your business or for their enjoyment. You can never say thank you too often!
    • Expert Articles
      Position yourself as an expert. Show your clients you are up on the latest in your field of expertise. Send your clients a link to the article or to a reprint on your website.

    In today's challenging economy, it's more important than ever to measure your return on investment. Be sure to put some tracking capabilities in place so you will know which marketing efforts are giving you the best ROI!