Selling the Experience of a Floral/Gift Shop and Cafe

This month, we are sharing the story of the launch of a specialty retail business that sells flowers and gifts. See how we helped this store deliver the sights, smells, sounds, flavors and feel that create a memorable experience that attracts customers and keeps them coming back to make more purchases! Then look forward to next month, when we’ll share practical tips on how you can plan and execute a successful launch to your product, service or business!

Selling the Experience
of a Floral/Gift Shop & Cafe


Attracting Customers to New Business in Town

Our client was planning the grand opening of Leaf & Petal, a store that combines floral and garden products, unique gifts, a specialty coffee and tea shop, and in-store classes and demonstrations. Her goal is to replicate the model and open additional stores.

She contacted DesignQuest to create branding for the business and an advertising and direct mail campaign to promote its Grand Opening. She wanted to make sure that her brand visually reflected the experience she was creating in her establishment.

Because Leaf & Petal is focused on offering a customer experience and not a commodity that can be purchased anywhere, the challenge was to entice people to come to the store. Once they arrived, our client was sure she could get them to buy – and to come back.

The final key component of this project was planning, which is particularly critical for long-term success in the retail environment. To leverage each holiday season successfully, retail businesses must be prepared months in advance to coordinate events, advertising, and inventory.


Make a Great Offer, Highlight New Features

To differentiate the Leaf & Petal brand, we had to make sure the brand reflected the unique experience that people would enjoy when they came in for a cup of coffee, a bouquet of flowers, a unique gift or some simple retail therapy. We also needed to keep it intriguing enough so the customer would return to see what was in the store the next time they visited.

The advertising and direct mail campaign focused on the stores unique offerings, including the customer workshops, café and the ability to create your own indoor garden. It served not only to announce the opening of Leaf & Petal but also to entice people to visit the store during its Grand Opening period. We did this by offering a coupon worth $10 off any $30 purchase. This initial visit, we believed, would serve to familiarize customers with the location and its offerings before the busy holiday season began.

As part of the branding project, DesignQuest created a dual-purpose business card – one side for the floral and gift shop and one side for the coffee and tea shop. The stationery we designed could also be used as a shell for internal printing of class and demonstration descriptions as well as customer mailings. We also designed local advertising and direct mail for special offers and seasonal products that could be used throughout the year.


Excellent Return on Mailing, Second Store Opens

The Leaf & Petal direct mail campaign yielded an excellent return of 3%. (A good return on a mass mailing is 1%.) Additionally, each customer spent an average of $100 – much more than the $30 mentioned in the offer. So this translated into happy customers who found much to buy and a happy business owner who enjoyed great sales.

Leaf & Petal also opened a second store that includes a year-round Christmas shop and has been growing its corporate programs that offer flowers and gifts to businesses.