Leverage Photography in Your Marketing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what if they are the wrong words?

Today everyone has a digital camera and a computer so why not just shoot your own photography for your website and marketing materials? Regardless of how cutting edge your equipment and technology are, there is a huge difference between amateur photography and professional photography.

This month we’ve invited professional photographer Gerry Evelyn from Evelyn Images to answer questions about the value of hiring a professional photographer.

Leveraging Photography
To Market Your Business

How does photography affect our response to what we read and see?
Words have always been a very powerful means of communication. However, at times words just don’t do justice in description. For example it is very difficult to accurately describe a nice juicy steak but a nicely photographed steak speaks volumes.

How can photography help a business to sell its products and services?
A photograph is the next best thing to the real thing. When a client is interested in selling a product or service, in most cases it's just not practical to physically take the product to the marketplace. In this case direct mail with powerful photographic images will do the job with great success.

What role does lighting and composition play in photography?
Lighting has always been the key to great photography and no computer or expensive digital cameras with the greatest mega pixels will ever change that. Products are made with many different surfaces, for example, reflective, textured, matte, clear etc. It is very important to understand which light works best for each surface. If the wrong light is chosen for a particular surface, it will result in a less than perfect photograph and therefore be regarded as amateur lighting.

Why can't a person simply take his/her own headshot and stick it up on their website? How hard can it be to take a good photo of someone?
Photographing people can be very difficult. When shooting a head shot the photographer must be sure to pull out the subject’s personality so the photo is a true representation of the person being photographed. It is a great asset if the photographer has a great personality and can make the subject feel completely comfortable. This is very important. One should never click of a head shot with their little digital camera and upload it to their website. This is a great way to scream “unprofessional” to would be clients.

Thank you to Gerry for his great insights!

At DesignQuest, when we are telling a story, selling a product, or providing information, photography plays an important role in all of our design work. The quality and composition of that photography spells the difference between making your marketing come to life or stifling the entire concept.