5 Keys to Flawless Follow Up

1. Identify the action you want your prospect to take.

Some examples of desired action from follow up campaigns include:   

  • Inspiring a lead to make an appointment
  • Moving the prospect to the next step, be it an appointment or a request for a proposal
  • Having a prospect accept your proposal and move forward
  • Turning occasional clients into retainer clients
  • Increasing referrals from your really good clients
  • Selling more products and services to existing clients

2. Create a plan of activities targeted to each group.  

Remember people all respond differently to different media and communications so mix it up with:

  • Automated emails (introductions, welcome, nice to meet you)
  • Automated personalized cards (branded with your company with very targeted information)
  • Newsletter
  • Special promotions or discounts
  • Invitations to upcoming events or seminars
  • Personal phone calls
  • Reminders of when is time to reorder products or services

3. Create content for each of these activities.

  • Scripts for the phone calls or voice mail messages
  • Information that would be important to a specific prospect
  • Third party testimonials endorsing your company
  • News in their specific marketplace
  • Special promotion offers
  • Value added services you can offer
  • Survey for feedback
  • Referral program

4. Determine the timeline for each activity.     

Your schedule of communications in your follow up campaign will depend on several factors and you need to decide how much time should elapse between communications. Is your campaign related to a deadline in which the prospect needs to make a decision or is it more of a long-term, ongoing plan? By timing out the activities and setting up what you can to be automated (both in actual activities and reminders), this will allow you to customize each follow up and manage many at one time.

5. Track campaigns and refine according to results.   Now that you have your campaign in place tracking your results is critical to measuring success and improving the process as necessary. By creating specific campaigns with an integrated approach you can track the results to see:

  • What media clients respond most to - phone, email, social media, etc.
  • Which specific offers, services, and calls to action they are responding to
  • The points in the process where they converted and took action
  • The points in the process where they made a decision to go elsewhere

These five strategies for flawless follow up will serve to engage your key prospects and clients and create and sustain successful engagements. And who knows, they may even follow you on Facebook?