The 7 Skills of a Great Graphic Designer

  1. Training & Education.
    People often look at graphic design as an art, however there is a logical process to creating effective design.  Be sure your graphic designer understands the creative process.

  2. Production Experience.
    A great design is only great if it can be reproduced.   Can your graphic designer create design that work in print? Electronically? On the web?

  3. Business Acumen.
    A great graphic designer is someone who can think creatively, but in the end understands it is about the business results not the design.

  4. Proven Results.
    Ask your designer direct questions about the results their solutions delivered.  What were the objectives of the project?  How did they help the company incorporate tracking capabilities into the program?

  5. "Big Picture" Focus.
    A great designer will leverage their experience with a large number of companies to help you think about how your pieces can be multi-functional.

  6. Project Management.
    A great designer needs to be able to focus on the big picture and take care of all the little details.  They must have a track record of delivering projects on-time, on-budget, every time.

  7. Team Player.
    A great graphic designer must have the ability to integrate seamlessly into your team.  You should feel they are working in your best interest.