Packaging Your Products & Services for Profits

Your presentation to your customers and prospects doesn't stop after you complete your corporate identity and marketing materials.

  • What happens when prospects ask for more information or samples?
  • What happens when you deliver your product or services?
  • Do you think about the presentation as much as the contents?

Packaging your presentation is an important step in extending your brand. It's a step that can leave a positive impression with everyone who receives your materials. It's the extra touch that conveys the image you want people to have when they think of your business. When you sell based on value and service, the presentation becomes part of the perception. Even if you are selling a commodity, the presentation and packaging is still important because it can help you to convey a professional image. A classic example of the importance of presentation is a gourmet chef - we all know that chefs consider the presentation of the food to be almost as important as its taste! And somehow the food tastes better when presented well!

If you deliver a product or sample:

  • How is the product delivered - by courier, via an express mail service, via snail mail or email?
  • If it is mailed, what does the outer packaging consist of? What is the experience of opening it?
  • If you have your own vehicles with staff, does the vehicle have corporate graphics? Does your staff dress and look appropriate and professional?

If you deliver services:

  • How are they presented? If delivery consists of written materials, are they presented in a folder, notebook or some other creative packaging that is consistent with your corporate image and graphics?
  • Do you also supply it on a CD? Are the CDs generic or do they have your logo on them?
  • If you deliver via email or your website are these vehicles appropriately branded? Is your site easy to navigate and organized clearly? Do your emails - and reply emails - include a branded email signature?

If customers and prospects come to your office for the delivery or your products or services:

  • What is their experience the moment they walk in the door?
  • Do your office colors reflect your corporate colors?
  • Is the atmosphere appropriate for the experience?
  • Is the staff dressed appropriately?

Thinking through the entire process, as a chef thinks through the entire meal, will help you clarify and appropriately address all the details. In the end, the experience of your prospects and customers will be enjoyable, pleasing to the senses and satisfying - just like a great meal. And you will get the response you're looking for!

Bon Appétit!

Packaging Tips
Consider the following when you are seeking the best delivery mechanisms for your products and services:

  • Who is delivering it?
  • Is it in outer packaging?
  • If so, will that be thrown away?
  • What is the shelf life?
  • What do you want the actual experience of opening it to be?
  • Is your brand consistent?
  • Is it easily identifiable?
  • What other information needs to be included?
  • What do you want people to do when they receive it?

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