Product and Service Packaging the Delivers Unquestionable Results

Packaging your products and services is an important step in extending your brand in a professional compelling way. Here are some questions to ask whether you sell a product or a service.

If you deliver a product or sample:

  • How is the product delivered - by courier, via an express mail service, via snail mail or email?
  • If it is mailed, what does the outer packaging consist of? What is the experience of opening it?
  • If you have your own vehicles with staff, does the vehicle have corporate graphics? Does your staff dress and look appropriate and professional?

If you deliver services:

  • How are they presented? Are written materials presented in a folder, notebook or some other creative packaging that is consistent with your corporate image and graphics?
  • Do you also supply it on a CD? Are the CDs generic or do they have your logo on them?
  • If you deliver via email or your website are these vehicles appropriately branded? Is your site easy to navigate and organized clearly? Do your emails - and reply emails - include a branded email signature?

DesignQuest helps you think through the entire packaging process so you can clarify and appropriately address all the details. In the end, the experience of your prospects and customers will be enjoyable and you will get the response you're looking for!

See some examples of packaging we have created for clients, then contact us to see how we can create the right packaging for your company.