Opening a Business?
Leverage Your Marketing Dollars

When you are opening a business, you are dealing with many moving parts -- operations, finance, sales and marketing to name a few. It helps to have a strategic, seasoned partner on your team who understands not only how to launch your company successfully but also how to integrate the marketing efforts into all of your business areas so you receive a maximum return on investment.

We start by focusing on your customer's desired buying experience from start to finish and how your new business can exceed all expectations and engage target audiences successfully.

Questions We Ask When You are Opening a Business

  • What image do you want to project in the marketplace?
  • How does your product or service help a customer?
  • What is different about you or your products and services?
  • How are you better than your competition?
  • What is the experience you want someone to have when entering your place of business, working with you, or experiencing your products or services online or in person?
  • What information do you want to make sure someone has immediately?
  • How do you want prospects/customers to move through the sales funnel?

Your Sales Funnel

Once we understand your sales funnel, we can identify a marketing strategy and prioritize projects, which may include corporate identity, website design, brochure design, and/or direct mail marketing. 

Some of the things we'll decide together include:

  • Which programs should be created as part of the new business opening and which items can come later
  • Which order things need to be created in for maximum cost-effectiveness
  • Which programs and items can be integrated to allow for maximum marketing flexibility and financial leverage

If you are opening a business and seek a strategic marketing partner to help with your launch, contact DesignQuest today.