Marketing/Sales Kits that Grow & Change Easily with Your Company

The right marketing/sales kits give you and your sales teams the tools you need to drive business. These kits can be used in several ways:
  • Mail them to prospects
  • Give them to referral sources to hand out on your behalf
  • Bring them to trade shows and other events
  • Use them as a leave behind after a sales call

While your company brochure should be designed to have a relatively long life, your marketing/sales kit can be a customizable, flexible piece. A pocket folder that can hold a variety of sales sheets, for example, is a great tool that you can customize based on the opportunity you have or the product/service you want to highlight. Besides your product/service sheets you can include company press releases, a corporate overview or photos of your work.

DesignQuest has helped dozens of companies develop compelling, customizable sales/marketing kits that deliver real results. See some examples of marketing/sales kits we have created for clients, then contact us to see how we can create a marketing/sales kit for your company.