Is Your Current Customer the One You Really Want?

Do you know the profile of your ideal customer? What about the profile of your current customer? Are they the same or different?

If your “ideal customer” and “current customer” profiles are not identical, then it’s time to make some changes.

It is critical to know the perception and behaviors of your current audience, for two main reasons:

    • To understand why they are buying.
      By clarifying the value that your product or service brings to customers – in their eyes, not yours – you can create the most compelling marketing messages and materials. Customer perception interviews, done by a third party, are the best way to get the most honest information. Clients may be reluctant to give negative feedback to you directly, but that can be the most valuable information you get.
    • To understand what they are buying and how often.
      By identifying your most popular products and services, you can leverage their success by focusing marketing efforts where the money is being made. It’s easy to track what your customers are buying in your database system, and it’s important to evaluate the information regularly.

Once you understand all you can about your current customers, you can decide if they are also your ideal customers. Your ideal customers are the ones who will perceive the value in your offerings and respond to it by doing business with you. They are the ones that you can serve most profitably with your products and services.

If you find, after looking at your current customers, that they are not your ideal customers, it does not mean you have to get rid of them -- you may just have to make some changes. You have three strategies you can consider.

    • Adjust your marketing.
      Create marketing to attract your ideal customer, to cater to their needs. Look at what matters to them and how your products or services can benefit them. Make sure your message is clear and that the marketing programs you create resonate with them. You will know if your marketing and materials are working by the results they achieve and by the customers they attract.

    • Turn current customers into ideal customers.
      Package your existing products and services differently to sell more. Educate your current customers so they understand and appreciate all of the products and services you sell.

    • Change or add to your offerings.
      If your existing products or services do not cater to your ideal customer, consider some enhancements or additions that will entice them. You may package your products differently, build more value into your offerings, or add new services.

These three strategies can help you align your products and services with the needs and preferences of your ideal customer – so you can attract the right customer to your door!