Get Employees Excited About Your Brand

Small business owners often spend great amounts of time, energy and money marketing to their prospects. These efforts, when executed well, can produce desired business results. But it's important not to neglect marketing to a key audience that can do wonders for growing your business - your own employees! When your employees get excited about your brand, every interaction they have with your prospects and customers will be more powerful. The quality of customer service your company delivers will improve, the energy your employees exude will be more positive, and your business will surely benefit with a happier customer base and a happier workforce. While your marketing strategy and message will remain the same when building your brand among an internal audience, the techniques will differ. Here are some ways you can be sure to build your brand - and your business - by appealing to employees.


Does your staff know everything that your company does? The products and services you deliver? The values you adhere to? The charitable work you do? The presentations and speeches that your management team may give to industry audiences? Keep your team informed with employee bulletins, internal newsletters and intranet sites that update them on all the good your company does. In addition, share all your great customer news with your employees. Celebrate new clients with them, publicize your customer success stories to them. Keep it real, too, by sharing the areas where your company has opportunity to improve.

Invest in keeping your employees educated on industry trends, new technology or other areas that will give them a greater understanding of your business. Send them to workshops and conferences so they can expand their perspective of your industry.

Excite & Motivate

Your employees will be more likely to transfer their expanded knowledge if they feel encouraged and inspired by you. Generate excitement for your brand and for employee efforts with in-house signage, photos, employee contests, awards for top performers, and other initiatives. Demonstrating an interest in their professional development will also keep your employees motivated. If they ask you to contribute to a seminar or course that will enhance their skills, support their participation in these efforts. Show them that you care not only about the job they do for you but also for their career as a whole.


Employees who feel appreciated will strive to perform for you. Recognize any and every positive step your team takes to build your company's brand. Newsletter spotlights, company bulletins, appreciation events, and bonuses will help to communicate your gratitude. At every touchpoint your employees have with your company - from the first interview to the day-to-day interactions within the organization to their goodbye parties - give them what they need to understand and communicate your brand. And do what it takes to make sure they want to do just that!

Brand Building Techniques

Business owners have several opportunities to build their brands with employees:

  • Recruiting & Training Materials
  • Employee Newsletters
  • Intranet Sites
  • Industry Workshops & Conferences
  • In-house Signage & Photos
  • Contests
  • Awards
  • Appreciation Events

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