Direct Mail Marketing that Generates Revenue Quickly

Direct mail marketing remains one of the best ways for companies to generate revenue quickly. Your company can use direct mail to attract new customers or to get more business from existing customers. The best direct mail marketing strategies lead to campaigns that are specific and brief, targeted to the right people, and are delivered with:

  • a compelling offer,
  • a strong call to action and
  • a timeline
  • the ability to track its results

DesignQuest has achieved outstanding results with direct mail strategies that have generated thousands of dollars for our clients. See some of our direct mail business results and then fill out the form to the right to see how our direct mail design can do the same for you.

“Before DesignQuest came on board, we never tracked the results of our marketing. Now we know what we want to accomplish and weather we have met our goal. Susan brings real business acumen and a strong sense of design to every project.”

Kathy Walsh
Founder, PK Walsh Company