Brochure Design that Stands the
Test of Time

A practical approach to your corporate brochure design is critical because you want it to have as long a shelf life as possible. Your marketing brochures can become dated too quickly if you get too specific about your services, your pricing or your people. Keeping your corporate brochures to the topic of who you are, what you do and why it matters will help to ensure that you achieve maximum return on investment.

DesignQuest works with companies to design corporate and marketing brochures that are versatile, compelling and effective. These pieces can be:

  • Mailed to prospects to introduce you company
  • Mailed to customers as a way to stay in front of customers and cross-sell your products and services
  • Mailed to strategic partners with a request to display or share them
  • Left behind with prospects after sales calls
  • Given out at trade shows, networking venues and other events

Take a look at some of DesignQuest's corporate brochure design and then fill out the form on the right to see how we can create a brochure that generates results for your business.

The brochure DesignQuest created for me presents a very professional image, which is exactly what I wanted. I bring it with on sales presentations and leave with homeowners. It positions me well and communicates what I want to about my business.

Phil Cherkas
Owner, Cherkas Home Improvement