Packaging That Has Presence!

This month, we give you the story of a company that sells specialty architectural products and regularly sends product samples to prospects and clients. See how we helped this firm deliver their samples in a compelling package that inspires recipients to open it, presents their brand in an updated, attractive way, and requires little effort on their part! Then look forward to next month, when we’ll share practical tips on how you can package your products and services for success!

Simpler Packaging & Brand Update for
Architectural Products Firm


Simplifying the Process of Mailing Samples

As a distributor for specialty architectural products for over 20 years, Shannon’s main marketing strategy has been to send samples to architectural firms to meet their specific project requirements and showcase the quality products Shannon offers.

For years they had been using a standard white corrugated box affixed with a series of labels that had to be manually stuck on every time they sent out a box! In addition, the logos were designed in every imaginable color and did nothing to communicate Shannon's brand. Shannon hired DesignQuest to develop new packaging that would brand the company and be easier to send out.


Updating Company Image, Creating Compelling Materials

Overall the Shannon sales and marketing pieces were inconsistent – both in color and message. The goal was to take all the different messages and create one clear value proposition to be used consistently on all sales and marketing materials.

Shannon had used the same logo for over 20 years, so we wanted to leverage the brand while introducing some more modern elements that would appeal to architects. Although the logo was red most of the time, it was not consistently used on all marketing materials. We left red as the predominant color and added purple as a secondary color to update the image.

Once we completed the packaging, the client wanted everything to communicate the new identity. As each sales and marketing piece required reprinting, we incorporated the updated identity to create a new, consistent brand.


A Fresh New Look, Easy-to-Send Samples

The new packaging served as the launch pad for a whole new corporate identity that incorporated the existing logo. The new boxes actually increased Shannon’s marketing efforts because they enabled the firm to send out samples without a major assembly process. The client previously had loved the labels he had in all different colors. But as he came to understand how the identity worked, he realized that these labels no longer worked. He called to report that he had thrown them all away -- that's when we knew the transition to the new brand was a success!