On-Site Events Boost Employee Morale, Enhance
Company Brand

This month, we’re happy to bring you an example of a unique internal branding campaign aimed at employees. See how we helped an international healthcare product company boost employee morale and create excitement about its brand in house, and then look forward to next month - when we’ll deliver practical tips on how you can get great results from promoting your brand to your employees!

On-Site Events Boost Employee
Morale, Enhance Company Brand


Increase Employee Retention and Pride

As a worldwide leader of healthcare products, C.R. Bard has many divisions, subsidiaries and thousands of employees. The company’s focus groups showed that while employees were proud of the work they and their close colleagues were performing, they were unaware of many of the company’s other divisions. C.R. Bard realized its employees needed a broader view of the company and hoped this knowledge would result in cross division pride and ultimately, improve employee retention.


Real Life Understanding

By developing an on-site event package that included a Discover Bard folder containing information on how to run a successful event, product sheets, signage and the tradeshow booth graphics, we made it easy for each of the local coordinators to consistently rollout the campaign. The Discover Bard campaign was the first step for employees to view their employer through new eyes. The objective was for them to realize the effect they and their counterparts both near and far, had in saving lives, making procedures less invasive and reducing patient recovery time. Best of all, our strategy helps employees gain a new appreciation and pride for the company they work for.

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