Case Study: Marketing To Recruit and Retain Employees
and Clients


This month, we give you the story of a company in the health care industry that wanted to create a communications campaign that would help recruit college grads while retaining top employees in its marketing and sales departments. See how we helped this firm compete successfuly for new hires with start-up companies and communicate to existing employees all of their career choices within the company. Then look forward to next month, when we deliver practical tips on how you can combine words and visuals in a way that delivers desired results!

Compelling Campaign Aimed at
Two Distinct, Important Audiences


Recruit the Best and Brightest

How does an established leader in the health care industry recruit the best and brightest when competing against start-up companies that are perceived as cutting-edge and exciting? This is exactly the question C.R. Bard faced when recruiting new college graduates for its sales and marketing department. At the same time, Bard wanted to ensure that their existing sales and marketing employees understood the opportunities available to continue growing with the company.



Clarity and Excitement

These integrated pieces built an enticing image of C.R. Bard’s sales and marketing department, from entry-level positions all the way to senior management positions. They helped recruiting and retention by providing a more contemporary image of C.R. Bard and showing the breadth of opportunity available to sales and marketing employees worldwide. As a result of this communication strategy, C.R. Bard is in a better position to compete with start-up companies for new hires, and in-house employees better understand their career choices within the company.

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