Case Study: Creating a new Brand for a Marketing Firm

This month, we’re bringing you an example of a marketing company’s total rebranding. See how we helped a solo marketing consultant rebrand her firm and all of her materials as she added services, people and clients. Then look forward to next month, when we’ll deliver practical tips on how you can use your business card as an effective, compelling marketing piece!

Creating a New Brand
for a Marketing Firm


Updating Company Image to Reflect Growth

The owner of Nasus Consulting, a sole proprietorship that delivered marketing services to small to midsized firms, was looking to relaunch her business under a new name – Precision Marketing Group. After several years in business, the owner had added strategic partners to her team, enhanced her services and expanded into new industries. The company was growing and it needed a name and identity that reflected that evolution. DesignQuest was called in to develop a new corporate identity and to create marketing materials for the new Precision Marketing Group.


Create a Visual Interpretation of the Company Image

DesignQuest knew that this was a particularly important project because it was for a marketing firm – just as a fashion designer’s personal clothing choices fall under much heavier scrutiny than those of people not in the business, a marketing firm’s brand is closely judged by prospects, competitors and the marketplace as a whole. If they do not have a strong corporate identity, it can really hurt business!

DesignQuest began our work by asking the owner of Precision Marketing Group several questions aimed at understanding what they were trying to communicate to the marketplace, who they were targeting for business and what differentiated their firm from its competitors. They wanted Precision Marketing Group’s image to be professional and corporate while still feeing accessible to the small business owner.

DesignQuest gathered all the information we needed and created a corporate identity, stationery, several ads and a direct mail postcard announcing the company’s name change. The two-sided business card, with the back side listing specific service offerings, was created not just as a contact tool but as true marketing piece. It almost serves as a mini brochure because it communicates clearly what Precision Marketing Group does and visually conveys its message successfully.


A Corporate Identity That Sells Itself

Precision Marketing Group’s new identity made a big splash in the marketplace. Five years later, it has stood the test of time and still receives rave reviews. All of the company’s marketing pieces are clear, clean and memorable. When Precision Marketing Group comes to DesignQuest to create a new piece, whether it’s a newsletter template, notecard or direct mail piece, it’s always an easy process because the image is so strong and the message is so clear.

The company owners are able to pitch new business with confidence and are always excited to present their materials to prospects, clients and colleagues. Whether they are giving a presentation, pitching a new client or delivering a finished project to clients, they know that their image and materials showcase their firm in the best possible light.

Because they are in the business of helping companies create and execute compelling marketing messages, Precision Marketing Group has a true appreciation of DesignQuest’s ability to interpret their message visually in a way that resonates with every audience.