100-Year-Old Firm Updates & Extends Brand

This month, we’re bringing you an example of extending your brand consistently and effectively to all target audiences. See how we helped an established insurance adjuster update and extend its brand, and then look forward to next month, when we’ll deliver practical tips on how you can extend your own brand for maximum results!

100-Year-Old Firm
Updates & Extends Brand


Established Company Needs Updated Image

When your business is over 100 years old and you have created several marketing pieces over the years, how do you update your brand while maintaining consistency? That’s the question that triggered Swerling Milton Winnick Public Adjusters (SMW) to call DesignQuest. The company needed a new capabilities brochure because their current inventory was running low. They also realized that, because they had created so many different pieces over the years, they were not extending their brand as effectively as they could with their internal and external audiences.


A Fresh New Look Leveraged Successfully

SMW’s new image communicates its values in an inviting, modern way. More importantly, it is reflected consistently on everything that leaves the company and is extended into every internal and external communications piece. From note cards and notepads to newsletters, from trade show materials to promotional products, from claims binders to signage, everything that touches a member of SMW’s key audiences – its employees, customers, vendors and strategic partners -- is clearly branded. SMW is leveraging its brand consistently and successfully in the marketplace.


Refine Identity and Maximize Branding Opportunities

While many design firms would simply create the piece in a vacuum without reviewing the company’s other marketing pieces, DesignQuest took the time to look at all of SMW’s collateral and make strategic recommendations about how the pieces could be updated. We knew that if SMW failed to communicate a consistent brand in the marketplace, its message of being a stable, trustworthy company would be compromised.

DesignQuest used the existing logo and focused on refining colors and updating a new graphic look. We also reduced the brand from three colors to two, which is more cost effective. Once the corporate identity had been updated and the capabilities brochure had been completed, it became clear that SMW’s other pieces required updating to reflect the new image. We applied the new corporate identity to all of SMW’s other marketing materials – its stationery, folders etc. During this process we recommended ways that SMW could extend its brand to every internal and external communications piece.