There's Something About a Box in the Mail!

When you are competing for attention in a crowded marketplace, the only way to be noticed and remembered is to make sure you stand out. Sending something in a box or unique kind of packaging is almost guaranteed to get your mailing opened. However, creating 3Dimensional direct mail pieces can be more costly because they usually consist of several elements so design, printing and postage will be higher per prospect than the average campaign.

Everyone loves to receive a gift - It's fun and exciting! Before you make the investment, though, make sure the potential for ROI is there. Consider these characteristics:

  1. A specific objective with clear sales goals.
  2. A small quantity of qualified prospects.
  3. High return on investment for each potential customer. You wouldn't want to use this type of campaign for customers who purchase low-ticket items.

Follow Up

Because memorability is very high on 3Dimensional Direct Mail it presents the perfect opportunity to call and follow up on what was sent. It's an invitation to further the conversation and answer questions or address objections. Then, invite recipients to take the next step. Because follow up is critical to the success of this type of campaign, you generally want to send out these pieces a few at a time to ensure timely follow up. Even though your goal may be simple one you may need to think "outside of the box" to achieve the big results you're looking for!

So Now I've Got Your Attention!

Once they've opened your 3Dimensional Mailing be sure your prospect knows what your call to action is -- and make sure it's enticing enough to inspire them to action. Think about engaging them in the process, which will move them closer to a sale.

Be Creative

  • Use Special Offers for specific products or services.
  • Add samples or gift items relevant to the message.
  • Include an Advertising Specialty item with your logo and tagline.
  • Offer a Free Trial or Demonstration.
  • Invite them to an Event or Trade Show.
  • Make Coupons to be redeemed for whatever action you want them to take (hotel stay, travel, etc.)

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